Meet Bob and Gloria

Bob & Glo have been planting churches and pastoring people for 48 years. Bob met the Lord Jesus in 1967, at the age of 15, and Glo met Jesus in 1970, at the age of 18.

Bob felt the call of God on his life one year after salvation, and Glo knew, since the age of 12, that she was going to marry a preacher.

Pursuing God’s will for their lives both met at Liberty Bible College in Pensacola, Fl in the fall of 1971. On June 10, 1972 they married and remained in college until both graduated…

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Our Vision

This is Our Vision

Our vision is six-fold and can be expressed with the initials, GWLSMJ.

Our vision is to present the gospel of Jesus in a way that shows God’s great love to the world. We propose to teach all believers the Word of God, believing that God’s Word can save your life and the lives of your children! As Scripture says, God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, meaning spiritual, God knowledge. Hosea 4:6. Our commitment to Jesus and His Word means that we will not compromise or shy away from tackling the hard topics that are relevant today, believing that whatever God says is for the GOOD of mankind.

We are lovers of all people and will seek to never be legalistic, rude, discourteous, disrespectful, or mean spirited.

We desire to bring the power of the Holy Spirit into people’s everyday lives in order to help all deal with the difficulties and pains that we all experience in our present journeys. To this end prayer will be available for all who so desire it, every time we meet.

It is our vision to present the Jesus of the Bible as the One Who still heals and works miracles in people’s lives. We will strive to build people’s faith, believing that nothing is impossible with God.

While our devotion to Jesus is very serious, it need not be somber! We want to create a culture of joy and happiness for children, young people, and adults of all ages.

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Have Coffee With Us

Glo and I would love to buy you a beverage. Give us a shout via phone (859-441-1222), text, or email ( and let’s meet up for coffee (or whatever may be your favorite drink).

Have a Question?

Have a question about God? The Bible? Faith? Fountain of Joy Church? We certainly don’t have all of the answers but we will reply to you! Send all questions to, or meet us for coffee and ask us! Call us at 859-441-1222.

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