Meet Bob and Glo

Bob & Glo have been planting churches and pastoring people for 48 years. Bob met the Lord Jesus in 1967, at the age of 15, and Glo met Jesus in 1970, at the age of 18.

Bob felt the call of God on his life one year after salvation, and Glo knew, since the age of 12, that she was going to marry a preacher. Pursuing God’s will for their lives both met at Liberty Bible College in Pensacola, Fl in the fall of 1971. On June 10, 1972 they married and remained in college until both graduated.

A pastor and professor of the College had relocated to Huntsville, Al. In 1974 he expressed his desire that the Hellmann’s move to Huntsville to be his assistant pastors. The couple was eager to do this so they moved at the end of May of that year. Bob spent a year serving the church and when the pastor left to pursue a tenure in Kenya, Africa, Bob, though very young, and with the full backing of the leaders and congregation, became the Senior Pastor. Bob & Glo remained in that position for five years.

1980 saw the Hellmann’s move to Mobile, Al, to plant a church. After three years with this new plant they moved back to Huntsville and with the support of their former congregation they planted a new church in 1983. Bob & Glo pastored that church for 31 years.

From 1983-2014 the Hellmann’s church grew in size and participated in many missionary endeavors in many different countries.

Bob & Glo retired from their Huntsville church and moved home to Kentucky where they are the happy residents of Lexington. They have lived in Lexington for six years.

Feeling stirred in spirit, loving people, and having the passion to plant and pastor another church, Bob & Glo are re-firing, not retiring!

The Hellmann’s describe themselves as young at heart. They love riding around the Bluegrass on their Harley Davidson Triglide. Two years ago Bob started studying music and taking private lessons on the clarinet. And many millennials are jealous of Bob’s colorful shoe collection. Glo is a great cook and she loves decorating and painting crafts. She frequents the “Y” and enjoys doing her workout in the water.

The Couple believes that joy and laughter should be an important part of the believers life and the Hellmann’s enjoy the life that God has given them.

Bob & Glo have three children: Joy, Bob Jr, and Jesse, and two grandchildren, Ruth and Hannah. Joy resides in Tulsa, Ok and is in ministry. Bob Jr, his wife, and the two grand girls live in Huntsville. Jesse, the youngest, makes his home in Lexington.

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